Aug 10, 2009

A trip to biscuit factory!

Hi all,
On Thursday 6th-August, Kavin went to an educational trip planned by RCIS with all 1st standard students. They were taken to Unibic biscuit factory situated on Tumkur road. ("It was very far, Amma. It took us one hour to reach there.") Kavin and his friends(and teachers too it seems) enjoyed the trip very much.

They went in their school bus during the school hours. According to Kavin, it was a "nice" experience. I told Kabi that even if they had gone to a jungle, it would have been fun for them. With friends you don't mind the place that much, do you?

The factory smelt SWEET. The kids were given plastic caps to put on (Hygiene issues) and they were shown how to make cookies. Inside the machine room, one Uncle showed the kids how they mixed the dough----in a huge container he added wheat flour(whole as well as refined), butter, milk, water, sugar, salt and chocolate chips and mixed it. The machine gave out cookies on a tray. Then the Uncle took the tray and shoved it inside a huge oven. After the cookies were baked, the tray came out automatically. And the kind Uncle gave the freshly made cookies to the kids. He also gave the kids one cookie packet each to take home.

The kids really liked watching the procedure. And looked like it was educational too---not to mention Aaditya Madhavan asking his Mom to bake cookies for him at home, he assured her that he'd help her ;).

Anyways, this was all the school's part. Parents part? Well, we (actually the kids) were supposed to make the chart about the trip and submit it on Monday. But looked like only half of them did it so. Kabi promptly bought the century paper and ordered me to prepare it. I was wondering whose assignment was it anyway! But fun nevertheless!

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Varsha Shrote said...

But Kavin's classteacher(Viji Maam) wasn't happy to see the chart at all.She could make out that he didn't make it and she told Kavin-"I am very proud of you, Kavin. But today I can't say that. Because you didn't use your potential to make this chart."
We felt bad too. But Kavin learnt a huge lesson, so he never lets anyone touch his work, no matter how tough it is! In a way, Viji Maam has inculcated the value of believing in his own work and not depend on others.