Aug 12, 2009

Dog Food!

Hi all,
Last week, Kavin made us buy a variation of corn-flakes, it's called choco-smacks. He got this idea from his cousin Sumukh. Anyways, these smacks look somewhat like dog-food. So this Saturday, when Kavin was having it in breakfast, Kabi told him that it looks like dog-food. And Kavin got really angry and threw a big tantrum over it. He threw all the possible items kept on top of the dining table(except his food). It took some time for me to make him sane.
Anyways, in the evening his Aruna Aththai came home and Kavin showed him his new asset(for kids a new food item is also an asset, believe me.) and guess what she told him------that it looks like dog-food. But this time, Kavin didn't get upset. I think he understood the fact that two people can't be wrong about the same thing.
So next day morning, when I gave him his breakfast, he told Aruna--"Look Aththai, Dog-food has come!."
Cheeky, right?


Meira said...

wait till he grows up and introduces you to sea food and mutton food and kabab food !:D

Varsha Shrote said...

Been introduced to all kinds of food already (even pork) by your brother;)
But I think I'd rather die of starvation than eating all that stuff:(

Nidhi said...

Dog food! That's little bot of sarcastic, right? I mean from ur son's point of view...enjoy the motherhood!