Oct 28, 2016

Mature me!

These days Aditi is being very mature. She has started talking like adults.
So yesterday she asked me- "Amma, when I and Bhaiya go to school in the morning, Appa goes to
office, don't you feel alone?"

I was totally impressed with this concern coming from a five and a half year old child.
I told her that after everyone goes out, I try to finish my office work before everyone comes back and it helps me to not feel alone!

Jul 25, 2015

Fox and the grapes

Fox Clip Art

Last week, I was telling Aditi the classic story of "Fox and the grapes".
After I finished the story, Aditi says "Amma, you didn't tell me the complete story."
I asked her -"I know only this much, you tell me the full story."

Then she starts -"After fox feels that she can't reach the grapes, she goes home. She works on her laptop. She makes roti and eats it. Then she drinks a glass of milk and sleeps.

After few days, the fox has grown taller and stronger. So she goes back again to the grapes farm, jumps up, reaches easily because her neck has become like a giraffe's neck, and eats the grapes happily.

And the story ends!

Jun 18, 2015

Fix the laptop with glue!

Few weeks back, Aditi jumped near KT's laptop and broke the screen (obviously we were all very upset with her).
Next day KT asked for a glue-stick to Kavin to take to office for sticking some photos.
When he came back in the evening, Aditi asks him very innocently -"Appa, did office-uncle fix your laptop with the glue?

Sep 17, 2012


Few weeks back, Kabi was telling Kavin about the barter system. Kavin was really amused that few centuries ago there wasn't any money and people used to exchange their goods or services for other goods that they needed. As usual Kavin started asking questions about what would people ask in exchange- 1) What would somebody exchange for chicken? 2) What would somebody exchange for clothes? And the questions kept on going until one final question- What would somebody exchange for an Air-ticket?

Aug 8, 2012

Kavin's own SMART-CLASS!

The smart-board.....

Power switches.....

The banner.....

The e-marker......

The keyboard......

The secret-key to the smart-class.......

May 11, 2012

Data caching!

Last week Kavin wanted to print something and he was asking Kabi to help him. But Kabi said that the printer is OFF and he doesn't know whether there is sufficient ink in the cartridge. So Kavin said let's switch it ON and find out.
But Kabi wanted to tease him so he kept on asking him how they could know the status of cartridge without switching ON the printer.
Kavin kept thinking and said-"Maybe the computer has stored the cartridge info last time it was connected to the printer. So we should check the computer to find out the level of the ink and then we can print the page."
Talking about data caching!
Unfortunately our printer software doesn't support that.But good thinking!