Jul 31, 2009

Moral of the story.

Last month my friend Madhavi visited us for a week with her three year old child, Nishad. So one night, after the lights were put out, kids wanted to hear a story, so Madhavi Maasi started telling them the famous story of a woodcutter and the Goddess, in which an honest wood-cutter drops his axe by mistake in the lake and the Goddess shows him a gold axe, a silver axe (to test him), but the wood-cutter says that his axe was an iron-one, so the Goddess becomes very happy to see his honesty and she gives all the axes to him as gift.

So after telling this wonderful story, Madhavi asked Kavin-"Toh beta, is kahaani se hamein kya seekh milti hai?" Means what's the moral of this story?
Kavin said--"Is kahaani se hamein yeh seekh milti hai ki kabhi bhi lake ke paas trees nahi katne chahiye, lake se thhoda door jakar tree katna chahiye. Fir axe paani mein nahi giregi."
Means-We should not cut the trees near the lake, we should go away from the lake and then cut the trees, so that the axe doesn't fall in water.

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