Jul 20, 2009

Kavin Unplugged !

Hi Everyone,
We celebrated my nephew Sumukh's sixth birthday on 18-July. Though his actual birth-date is 18-July. There were at least 20 kids (of different age and sizes) invited by bhabhi . We had a great time. Kavin and me helped in blowing and arranging the balloons and decorating the hall. There was a very yummy-looking "Tom-chasing-Jerry" cake which the kids enjoyed thoroughly. Sumukh didn't exactly enjoy his "TEEKA" ceremony in which elders do AARTI to the birthday kid and put TEEKA and AKSHAD on the forehead. It's in Shrote family genes, nobody wants to go anywhere near rituals ;-)

There was very tasty Chhole-bature and fruit-custard combo for dinner. Kids liked it also very much. But the best part was performed by our man. He wanted to serve everyone! Initially I couldn't make out whether he wants to eat the food or serve it. So I shouted at him twice for messing up with it. Then after some time we understood that he wants to serve it.(His Paati's genes I guess) So we allowed him to do so. He went around asking everyone for more pooris, chhole or custard, evn water! I felt really happy to see my child transforming into a caring person. Till now it was the other way around ;-)

Anyways, but this tambi wanted moolah also in return (artificial of course)----"Five ruppes for each plate. 10 rupees for each bowl of custard."

The children who came also were very smart. There were two cute-looking sisters who wore similar outfits, while going the elder one told Sharad that she wants a return gift for her elder sister too who couldn't come to the party. My-my....today's generation is too smart. We used to be so LALLU.

We had a great time. For more photos, check out orkut.


pooja said...

The cake looks inviting! Did it taste great too??
Why wasn't I invited?????

Aruna said...

I'm jealous to see these kids celebrating their b'days with superb cakes and parties...

I had cake twice for my b'day...
1-> when I was in 1st or 2nd standard (cried n played drama to get that cake ;-)). 2-> my 25th birthday. my roommates really surprised me. It also reminded me of my age :-(

Varsha Shrote said...

Drama sounds good to me ;-)...Oh yeah, that's why we should never celebrate our birthdays-always reminds us that we are getting older..sigh!