Mar 18, 2009

Kavin's first achievement!

Hi everyone,
Two weeks back, Kavin had "KG talent week" in his school in which they were supposed to participate in events like elocution, shloka recitation and spellwell. In shloka recitation, Kavin told the shloka "Gurur Brahma,Gurur Vishnu..." but didn't win any prize and wasn't bothered about it(sportsman spirit;-) ).

And in the spell-well competition, he won the first prize:-) Got Dora books as a gift from his Appa (strange for a boy to like Dora though. I thought most of them liked spiderman, superman and Ben10) .
On such days (when he does something good or smart), his Appa proudly says "After all he's my son." On other days when he's cranky, whining and makes a scene, by default "he is your son."
What do you say??Must be happening to you too, I guess..


Meira said...

Hiya. So whats brewing in kavin-land ? :P

Varsha Kabilan said...

Kavin(and me) is trying to cope up with new BIG-KID's routine...