Nov 10, 2008

Children's Day

Hi All(after a long time though),
On 14th Nov. Kavin is having sports day at school.For UKG kids,they are having a doctor's race(?)
in which boy kids are supposed to run with their girl partners who carry a doll with them.After reaching a certain point they are supposed to check the doll(supposedly patient) and then come back.Whichever pair comes back first is the winner.

So for this 2 minute race what the parents are supposed to do?--Get a doctor's apron stitched,get a black pant,get a first aid box and a toy stethoscope.Too much.....

And for the sports day,children are in chaos.Their classteachers are going for the drill of older kids and poor kids are combined with other classes and maybe only one teacher is taking care of them.

Some kids(including Kavin) are feeling scared because there is too much pressure on the teachers to handle the kids,so they are being too strict on them.
So just for one day,kids(and their parents too) have to suffer so much.
Why can't they optimise and manage things better?


Meira said...

Ha! Our time they used to ask the middle secondary kids to 'mind' us kids! That was worse...(for them, not for us :D)
Welcome Back. :)

Varsha Kabilan said...

Yeah.It was so cool during our school days.But these kids only seem pressurised more and more:-(