Jun 10, 2009

Kavin's new routine.

Hi all,
school reopened on 1st of June..
As usual,he wasn't happy. But we somehow coaxed him to go. Second day onwards he was happy to go as there were new friends to meet, new things to be learnt.

Kavin also got his life's first time-table :-) He's having 4 regular subjects-English, Hindi, Maths and EVS and 5 fun subjects-Music(modern) ,dance(classical) ,arts ,computers and games. He is also being taken to the Junior library twice a week where a teacher reads story-book to them.

On friday ,the school celebrated "WORLD ENVIRONMENT DAY". Kavin got a chocolate (as a treat) for telling the classteacher which day is this:-) (courtesy--world-wide-web)
The teacher also stapled a "SAY NO TO PLASTICS" badge on students' uniforms. (as seen in the photo). She also requested them not to give her any flowers ever and told the kids that if they really cared about her then they should just say-"I LOVE YOU MAAM".
So sweet of her!

It only reminds me about Maulana Abdul Kalaam's words- " Only teachers and parents can bring a change to our society by educating the kids in the right direction. "

Anyways,this new routine has many cons also--
  • Kavin comes back home at 3 pm and is completely exhausted by that time.
  • I have to wake up at 6am to make 2 tiffin boxes(can see MIL grinning) :-O
  • Kavin is already getting friendlier with his new benchmate who happens to be a girl :-O
Hopefully he'll enjoy this academic year also(like the last two)


Meira said...

A girl holds his attention...ha. now thats interesting :D

Varsha Kabilan said...

That means he'll be "OK" when he grows up,thankfully...

Meira said...

hahah...you have been reading that forward ,"every mother's advice to her son", I see :P

Manmohan said...

Well, my first comment on this wonderfully well maintained blog by Varsha. You can seriously think of taking writing as a career, honestly.

I appreciate RCIS for most of the things they do right and this is one example.

Varsha Shrote said...

Thanks Manmohan! Well, people who read my blog are my family members only. I've threatened them to read this stuff;-)