Feb 16, 2011

A totally unheard profession!

Few weeks back we went to a Chinese restaurant and while waiting for the dinner, Kavin started asking us the possible professions that he can consider when he grows up. His first suggestion was a Chef. Then he asked his Appa to tell all the professions/occupations from A to Z. And Kabi started explaining him patiently about each and everything. And then he said-"Astronomer". Kavin asked what does an astronomer do. Kabi told him that an astronomer studies about the space, stars, planets and galaxies and does research too. Also he told him that one of his classmates from REC is working as an astronomer in NASA. Kavin got very impressed with this information and said that he also wants to become an astronomer. I said-"But you like machines. You don't like stars and space."
He thought for some time time and said-"OK. No problem. I'll become an astronomer of machines and not of stars."

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