Feb 15, 2011

Santa gave me a stamp!

This Christmas, Kavin had a strange request for Santa-he wanted a stamp with his name on it. Reason-he wanted to put a seal on all the notes and banners that he makes. Also he has lots of his previous school test-papers preserved carefully by him, once in a while he takes them out and corrects them and signs them. So he wanted to put a seal in the bottom of those test-papers too.
So we took out an old office-stamp which belongs to Kabi's cousin and my Bhabhi (she's a Govt employee) and took it to the stamp-maker, he took out the actual seal and replaced it with one having Kavin's name and address. He uses it now to stamp each and every note(strange ones) he makes.

During new year, Kavin's cousin Vinayak and his family visited us. We were discussing the Christmas gifts that each kid in the family got. Vinayak got lots of books (he's fond of reading) and I asked Vinayak to guess Kavin's gift, he asked for a clue and I told him that this thing is very unique and no other kid of Kavin's age would've asked for such a gift from Santa. He couldn't guess, we told him it's a seal and he asked innocently-"Can it live without water?"

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