Jan 6, 2011

Living life KING-SIZE!

Yesterday Kavin and me were having a conversation in between the study-time.(I'm telling you-HINDI is a killer subject). Suddenly he said-"Amma. Childhood is so King-like no!"
I asked him-"Why so?"
Kavin said-"See, I just have to sit and order to you and Appa, and you bring everything to me. I don't have to do much work. So I feel like a King."
I said-"But when you grow up and become a father, you also will have to do the same for your kid."
He said-"No, that won't happen. Because I will not marry. Then I won't have any kids. I'd still be a King."


Aruna said...

Amazing. Wise guy :D but should stick to his decision :D

Varsha Shrote said...

@Aruna-As wise as his Dad. But his decisions are fluctuating...sometimes he wants to become a family man(with two kids), sometimes he wants to remain a bachelor. Confused I guess :)

Swatantra said...

tell him he can still be a king after marriage also.. a king to a queen..

Varsha Shrote said...

Hi Swatantra! Thanks!I will definitely tell him.

pooja said...

Nice one-samajh me aa raha ki beta kiska hai ;)

Varsha Shrote said...

@Pooja- Madam, let's meet soon and I'll tell you!