Jan 2, 2011

Last Wednesday, we had lots of guests at our home from Delhi. Kavin had a great time playing with his cousins and Maami. One enthusiast (Abhilash) bought a sugarcane on the way which was quite hard to chew.
Kavin's Maami asked him to eat one of the pieces and he says(quite mischievously)-"If I eat this then my teeth will become like Naani's teeth."

Actually Kavin's Naani (My Mother) is toothless. And the comparison was quite funny!


Meira said...

oh! so sorry for inconveniencing you with the sugarcane!

Varsha Shrote said...

Kavin says-"Anything for Bubu's girlfriend!"

Varsha Shrote said...

@Meira-Whatever happened to "HAPPY HOURS"?