Dec 9, 2010

Wise horn!

Recently we went to a small hill station called Yercaud. The drive was quite good. The route to this place comes under golden quadrilateral. So the roads were very good to drive. On the way we encountered many crazy drivers who kept honking their heart out.It's quite irritating on a highway. Inside the city, we are used to it, but on a free highway, it feels like a menace.

So our man came up with an idea. He said he is going to make an intelligent horn. This horn will be connected to sensors outside the vehicle. So whenever the driver presses the horn, it will first calculate whether there is anybody within a pre-calculated range of the vehicle, then only it will make the sound. If there is no vehicle around the pre-calculated distance, then the horn will not honk, but it will give a tight slap to the driver. So the driver will always be careful before pressing the horn :)

Nice one no?


pooja said...

ooooooooh..thats really wise boy :D

Varsha Shrote said...

Yeah! And it must be made compulsory for Indica taxis :)