Dec 27, 2010

Intruder Alarm!

Yesterday Kavin came up with a new idea. For many days, he's been working on a intruder alarm design for his room(his main intruder is our maid-Rathnamma). Initially he made a maze with a sewing-yarn in his room, so that no one should be able to enter his room.
Then he got an even better idea- he took a thick rope, tied it on his door and at the end he tied a Pooja bell so that whenever someone enters his room the bell would make a sound and he'd be alarmed. It was cute!


Aravind said...

You seem to be having a budding engineer at home.

Varsha Shrote said...

Thanks Aravind. Kavin is like a carbon copy of his every way :)

Sebastian said...

really nice idea buddy. I have an intruder alarms at home which I put on each door, I just turn it on everytime I went out and every night. No time to entertain burglars, they must be imprisoned with my security alarms at home.