Nov 16, 2010


Quality questions create a quality life. Successful people ask better questions, and as a result, they get better answers: Anthony Robbins.

These days Kavin and his friends have developed a new pastime--asking question, riddles to each other and they also make questionnaire for each other. They do all this in their free period.

Some of the questions and quizzes are as follows----
QSTN-1.Why does a boy take a ladder to his school?
ANS- Because he goes to a HIGH-SCHOOL.

QSTN-2.What always goes up and never comes down?
ANS- Our age.

QSTN-3.Why doesn't Rajanikanth wear a watch?
ANS- Because Rajani decides what time is it.

QSTN-4.What has no legs but still keeps moving?
ANS- A Clock.

QSTN-5.How do you put a Giraffe inside a fridge in 3 steps?
ANS- STEP 1.-Open the fridge.
STEP 2.-Put the Giraffe in.
STEP 3.-Close the door of the fridge.

QSTN-6.How do you put a Lion inside a fridge in 4 steps?
ANS- STEP 1.-Open the fridge.
STEP 2.-Take the Giraffe out.
STEP 3.-Keep the Lion inside.
STEP 4.-Close the door of the fridge.

QSTN-7.How do you put a Man inside a fridge in 5 steps?
ANS- STEP 1.-Open the fridge.
STEP 2.-Take the Lion out.
STEP 3.-KILL the Lion(otherwise it will eat the man).
STEP 4.-Keep the Man inside.
STEP 5.-Close the door of the fridge.

Some of the questionnaires which he and his friends make for each other----
1.Do you own a car?

2.Does your car has a key-less entry?

3.Does your car has gears or automatic transmission?

4.Which car will you buy when you grow up?
ANS-AUDI/SKODA/HONDA/VOLKSWAGON/MERCEDES.....(Surprisingly MARUTI wasn't anywhere in the options--SPOILT BRATS)

5. Does your house has a security system?



pooja said...

welcome back!WOW! those are really cool questions! kids these days hard to pace up with :)

Varsha Shrote said...

@Pooja- Hi Pooja!How are you??
Thanks. Yeah, the whole generation is quite smart...I feel outdated...