Nov 23, 2010

Cars, cars, cars and more cars!

Since last one year, I have been witnessing CAR-O-MANIA in our home. Both dad and son keep talking about cars whenever we go out, whenever we are eating or whenever an advertisement appears on TV or news-paper. I remember once Volkswagon had given a crazy ad in Times of India in which an electronic speaker was fixed to the last page of the paper and as soon as you open the paper, the speaker will start and a male's voice start telling about their new car Vento. It was so irritating, these kids had taken the device out and took it to the school and were playing there. I guess it was photosensitive. Few of them got punished too ;-)

Anyway, coming back to the main topic, Kavin has become a huge car-lover. He knows almost every brand of cars on road(including every SUV). And he can tell which car it is by just looking at the logo. It's amazing. He also knows the functions of various switches and knobs inside the car which I have never bothered to examine ever. Whenever inside, he keeps asking non-stop questions about many things related to the car. It's crazy.

And he wants to look at the dashboard of every car that is parked either in the parking lot or around our house. It's so embarrassing sometimes. He acts like a village peasant who's never seen a car before.

But sometimes we feel that it's okay, at least he has so many questions and he's curious to find out the answers :)

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