Nov 10, 2010

Little Einstein

Kavin has started using his "Grey-matter" .........finally!
Yesterday over dinner he kept asking about work-from-home options for doctors. His dad told him that it's not possible since the doctors have to see the patients and observe their condition to evaluate the sickness. Then he said that a device can be made which the nurse can use to check the patient up....this device will check the patients eyes, tongue nad measure heartbeat, temperature, blood-pressure and maybe take a blood-test and the doc can see the results (and maybe the patient also using a camera) immediately sitting at his home and then he can advise the nurse/patient about the treatment.

Cool naa!!!!


Jadoo The Alien said...

A new making....:))

Varsha Shrote said...

@Jadoo---I guess so:)

Aruna said...

I can never think like Kavin, not even in my childhood :D

Varsha Shrote said...

@Aruna--Come-on....It's all there in genes! You are the nearest..Hehe:)