Oct 6, 2010

Hi everyone(after a REALLY REALLY long time),
These days Kavin has started developing his own theories based on the information he gets from us, as well as the day-to-day examples he observes in practical life, eg.-he has his own theories about families(nuclear-joint), religions, cars(Indian, European, Japanese) etc.

So he has this theory about getting a sibling. He kept pestering us for a sibling and we kept telling him that GOD gives sibling only to those kids who behave well and who remain good throughout the year(and not only in December). So he keeps applying this logic to each and every family.

It goes like this----
1. Bubu(Kavin's cousin) is a good boy, that's why he got his sister Mini.
2. Sumukh (his cousin) also is a good boy, so he got His brother Cheeku.
3. Aditya Madhavan(Kavin's best friend) had been really good last year, so last month GOD has given him a sister.
4. Kavin has not been so good, so he's not got any sibling yet. He has to learn to be a really good boy.
5.Kavin's grandmother has 4 more siblings, and the elder four had been good, so they got other siblings, but the fifth-one might have been bad, so they didn't get a sixth sibling.
6. Kavin's Mom, Kavin's both Buas (Aruna and Meera) had also not been such good kids, so they didn't get a younger sibling.
7. But how come Sanaa(Kavin's 10 year-old friend) has got Sanya( Kavin's 7-year old friend and Sana's sister)???-----Kavin's own logic---Maybe she was good till she got Sanya, and after Sanya's birth, she became bad.

Too much logic to digest......

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