Jun 23, 2008

Kavin-The Mechanic

Kavin has great interest in cars and bikes.He likes to open the bonnet & see what is inside & how does it work.He calls the bonnet as "Bogie".
So once he was having a look at his most favourite part of the car(the bogie) and he kept on asking a lot of questions to his Appa(who was answering them patiently as usual).
The conversation goes as follows-
Kavin:Appa,what is this?
Kabilan:It's called coolant.
Kavin:What does it do?
Kabilan:It's used by the AC to cool the car from inside.
Kavin:But we also use the AC sometimes to heat the car when it's cold outside.
So where is the "HOTANT"??

Then he asked Kabi about the spark plug.
Kavin:What does it do,Appa?
Kabilan:When we turn on the key,the spark-plug produces a park which ignites the petrol in the combustion engine.
Kavin:Oh,now I know.It produces the spark like in our gas.When Amma turns on the gas knob,there is a spark there also........

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