Jun 23, 2008

Call the bhoot.

Around this time, Aruna(Kabilan's sister) stayed with us for a few weeks to search for a better job(she worked as a lecturer previously) in Bangalore.She had a fancy foldable nokia handsetwhich Kavin used to like a lot.He kept on playing with it all the time-ringtones,sms tones,games etc.
So one day,Aruna decided that her phone had been through lot of abuse & it's time she stop it.
So she hid the phone somewhere & Kavin kept on asking her for the phone.
The conversation ahead left us wondering how advanced today's kids are technologically-
Here is how it goes---
Kavin:Atthai,give me the phone,I want to play with it.
Aruna:No,I think a bhoot has taken it away.
Kavin:So ask the bhoot to give it back to you.It's your phone.
Auna:I don't know where the bhoot stays.
Kavin:Arey,Usko phone karke bulaao naa...(Call the bhoot)
Aruna:I don't know his number.
Kavin:Bhoot ke paas to tumhara phone hai naa,tho uss number par call karke usko bulaao idhar....
(Bhoot has your phone,right?Then call him at that number & ask him to come here....)

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Aruna said...


I read this blog after a long time...I almost forgot this CALL THE BHOOT incident...

I had a great time today by reading all at one shot...

continue your seva...