Jan 13, 2011

Aththai's car!

Last week Kavin's friend Aaditya came to our home after finishing their karate lessons. Usually his grandfather comes to pick him up. But that day, Aaditya's aththai(paternal aunt) came to pick him up. She has a red swift car and her two kids also came along with her. Kavin was very impressed with the car. So after they left, Kavin started wondering aloud-"When will my aththai come to pick me up from school in her car with her children?"
I told him that no problem with the car, but to have kids she has to get married first. So he started making a plan-"Let's get aththai married, and I'll ask her to buy a car(preferably an i-10 automatic). Then she can have babies and then she can come to pick me up."

So aththai----lots of expectations(read positive ones) from the young man!

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