Jul 15, 2008

Full day no school

Over breakfast I was telling Aruna my school stories(ofcourse mischievous ones).And Kavin was listening with lots of interest.There is one story that goes like this-
When we were in 9th standard,all the kids used to fly paper aeroplanes in class and sometimes on the school ground.So one day the Principal announced after the assembly that the students who are caught doing it will be thrown out of the school.
Kavin was very thrilled to hear this.He said-"Oh,Then full day no school!Wow!"

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Jadoo The Alien said...

hai akka

itz realyy grat to hear how cavin is enjoin life out there

keep postin incidents .
tell my hai to cavin and i think plz u can giv him his ipod and his fav song .itz worth hearin jaane tu...

tak car

Varsha Kabilan said...

Hi Alien(you're no more an alien to us though..),
Thanks for your suggestion.I'll try to let Kavin listen to songs without him spoiling the music system.

Take care,