Jun 26, 2008

Kavin photos

Kavin's UKG classes started from 5th June.Initially he was wary of going to school,but after 3-4 days,he got used to it.He likes his new class-teacher.But they have reshuffled the previous class students.And unfortunately none of Kavin's good friends(Beven,Saanghvi,Vignesh)are with him this year.
He has made new friends this year--Aaditya,Kaarthik.
He has new-new demands daily.Yesterday he asked me whether he could go to swimming classes in school as one of his classmates has joined it.I told him he can join next year.
Now he wants pencils like some other girl student has,so that when he writes using that pencil, everyone would say-"Kavin ki writing ka to jawaab nahi."

Waiting for the last boat ride in Munnar...

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