Feb 2, 2011

Girls, OH girls...............

These days Kavin has formed his own opinion about the girls in general. Few of them are as follows----

A)Girls don't like cars as much as boys do.

B)Girls are more organized than boys. His class-teacher Viji Madam was quite happy to know that and told him to maintain this attitude throughout-and told him that it will always help him if he respects women and also it's a very important aspect of a boy's personality.

C)Girls finish their home-work as soon as they come back home from school(unlike boys)----so it'd very good to have a baby-sister as Kavin will not have to remind her to do the home-work in future.

D)Girls spend a lot. They go to a shop or a supermarket to buy one item, but end up buying at least 50 items. So he has already decided that he'll not give his credit-card to his wife(if he gets married). She can have her own card and do whatever she likes with it-but he won't allow her to waste his money :)


Anonymous said...

Thats quite interesting. good-going master Kavin. The baby in the pic is very cute :))

Varsha Shrote said...

Welcome Poonam! First time on my blog? The baby is my niece Mini :)