Jan 20, 2011

Our Adviser!

Kavin likes to give advice and well meant suggestions to the people very close to him, like me, his aunt and grandmother.
Here are a few of them-
A) To me-"Amma, you should not go too close to the gas stove, the baby will feel warm. Let me make dosas and chapatis for you."
B) To me-"You should not work out in the body-shaper(it's an exercise device which rotates when you stand on it), the baby will feel dizzy."
C) To his Aunt-"Aththai, get married soon and have babies. I want paternal cousins. All my existing cousins are maternal."
D) To his grandma-"Paati, when we go to my school carnival, you should speak in English, Tamil won't do."
E) To himself- "I should stay away from girls, otherwise I'll also become like a girl."

Also these days, he likes to put reminders for me in the phone(I've become very forgetful off-late) for something or the other. Few examples-
A)Stitch my school-shorts.
B)Pick me up at 3 O clock as there is no Karate class.
C)Clean-up my wardrobe.
D)Search for my Ben-10 T-shirt.


pooja said...

Hahaha! Quite entertaining! Looks like you all have lot of fun with his comments and advices!
Keep going kiddo!

Varsha Shrote said...

Thanks Pooja!