Nov 11, 2010


Few days back, Kavin was asking curiously about marriage, children etc.(courtesy--IDIOT-BOX). He kept asking strange questions to me and I tried to give convincing answers. Then he suddenly asked me--"Amma, whom will I marry when I become big?"
I told him that he can marry anyone he wants, but there is still lot of time for it.
I also added that we'd be happy as long as he gets married to a girl.....Kavin got confused and then said---"What Amma! Which foolish boy will marry another boy? I will marry a girl only. Don't worry!"

TG for that!


Aruna said...

Such a smart kid he is! He looks very cute in this picture and his friend too.

Varsha Shrote said...

@ Aruna--Thanks dear :) Smartness runs in the family;)
His friend is Aditya.

pooja said...

hahaha...straight!so mummy is lucky ;-)