Nov 25, 2009

Crazy statements!

Some crazy(sometimes witty) statements and questions from Kavin......
1) I want to be a train-guard (earlier it was teacher) because he has red and green flag and a torch, and I love all these things.
2) Does "NO FREE LEFT TURN" sign mean that we have to pay the traffic-police Uncle to turn left?
3) I hope Maam doesn't select me for the "Show and tell" competition because I feel shy to talk in front of all the school-children.
4) Some of my friends in the class don't use the "GREY-MATTER" inside their brain.
5) I will take Bhavana (a 4 months old baby) to school when she grows up and I will be her bodyguard.
6) My classmate Prajwal bit and ate my eraser, so after some time an eraser-tree is going to come out from his tummy.
7) When he was told by my friend Poorni that he and his friend have lots of energy as they were running around a lot, he says--"That's because we drink milk."
8) Sometimes when I call Kavin stupid, pat comes the reply-"I am not stupid, because you are not stupid and your blood is inside me, so I will be just like you."

Two more on Aruna's and Poorni's suggestions---
9) This was when Kavin used to be a three-year-old-extremely-naughty-painineveryone's everywhere ;-)......I was preparing him for the upcoming LKG-admission interview/test (that's what it's called here) and I told him when the teacher asks you how old are you, you should say I am three years old. But he decided on his own that he's not old, so why should he say that. And after that whenever someone asked him-"How old are you?"...he would immediately say-"I am not old!"
The answer went on like this for another two years, of course encouragement came from people's response!
10) My friend Poorni has a four-month-old daughter and once she asked Kavin casually-"Why is she always crying?" Kavin said-"Babies are like that only. They keep crying. Maybe she's hungry, you should give her milk because you are her mother no."


Neha said...

hahahaha, kids are so innocent and funny...2nd one was the most creative one...loved them all though :D

Antarman said...

kids are socute..last one is a trump:)

Aruna said...

Really funny, laughed a lot.You should add his smartest answer also..."Kavin, how old are you? I'm not old"

Swatantra said...

Superb..Kavin is a real cute kid.. I loved the last one..

Varsha Shrote said...

@Neha- Thanks a lot! Kids are really smart these days!

@Antarman-Thanks a lot :)....I always take the last statement as a compliment:)

@Aruna-You are having a re-run of LOLs ;-)....will definitely add.

@Swatantra-Thanks a lot, dear! I am sure you also would be having a nice collection of such statements by now :)

radha said...

What original statements! This is a nice way of keeping track of all the things the kids say, and maybe someday he will read it to his kids? Something like a journal. Very nice idea.

Meira said...

ROFL! The sense of humor runs in the entire family ;)

Eric Spears said...

Ha! I love how children's minds work. Did you see my list of things children told me in my classroom? It's at

They are all from kids 5 to 8 years old.

- Eric

Tomz said...

Just laughed...especially when read the 8th one again laughed..

Rajlakshmi said...

lolzzzz....very cute responses :D children are so innocent :)

SG said...

Excellent. Kids say the darndest things. I love it.

Varsha Shrote said...

@Radha-Thanks a lot! Yeah, its a really good way of keeping track of his cute statements and also sharing with the other family members. Hope he'd not feel embarrassed of some of them when he grows up ;-)

@Eric-Yeah Eric, I read your post and enjoyed reading it, the comments are also so entertaining:) It's so cute to know that children all over the world are the same :).....adorable!

@Meira--Doesn't it? We are looking forward to see what Jr Somanchi would say ;-)

@Tomz-Thanks :)

@Rajlakshmi-Welcome to the blog! Thanks a lot!

@SG-Thanks SG! Kids are really fun to be with:)

SG said...

Happy holidays to you and your family.

Nazish Rahman said...


Kids are lovely n innocent!!!