Sep 1, 2009

I am Aruna's husband!

Last weekend, we had been to hubby's cousin's wedding to Mayavaram. We had been given 2 rooms in the hotel to stay for 2 days. One room we took and another my IN-LAWS and Aruna(my sister-in-law) took. So in the evening we were getting ready for the function and in-laws had already left for the bhajan arranged by the bride party. So in the other room Aruna was getting ready and Kavin wanted to go inside badly. He knocked the door for half-an-hour but she didn't open. So Kavin came to me and said that he wants to be with Aththai so that he can switch on the AC for her and he'd help her in wearing the saree.
I told-"No,she can do that on her own. You stay here only."
Kavin-"But I want to be with her always."
Kavin-"Because I'm her baby."
Me-"No, you are my baby.When Aththai gets married she will get her own baby."
Kavin-"But whom will she marry."
Me-"I don't know but that person will be her husband and your Mama."
Kavin-"No, I'm only her husband.I'll marry her and I'll stay with her forever."

No wonder Aruna was extremely happy to hear this conversation as she felt that Kavin won't be able to dominate her for at least next 10 years.How's that??


Aruna said...

That's hilarious. I'll be very happy 2 be with Kavin :D

Aruna said...

Also share how Kavin prepared lunch for his wife ;-). I think this happened long back

Varsha Shrote said...

Yeah Aruna.I'll do that. I guess you can be happy for another few years only;-) Genes will take over after that...heehee.

Meira said...

Hmm. Guess we should stop pestering to get married now. He's already booked her :P

And Aruna, how come you never comment on my blogs? Grr.

Varsha Shrote said...

Yeah!True! But a we heard about a girl marrying to her Mama...but to her nephew? It's one of a kind:)