Aug 3, 2009


Kavin used to get a very cute report card for the last two years in his kindergarten. It used to have the pictures of Tweety and it was really colourful. But this year he got one that is a mere one page paper with no pictures in it. The previous ones used to have three pages. So he's a bit disappointed by it and even though we can keep this card, he is insisting on giving it back to Viji Maam. It's really getting tough for me to convince him that we are supposed to keep it.

Anyways, never mind my troubles convincing him. So in his previous report-card, kids are graded as follows---
D- Scope for improvement
C- Good
B- Very Good
A- Excellent
A+ - Outstanding

He has learnt these grades by heart by now. But we have convinced him that all the grades are OK---don't we want him to stay grounded?? I mean stay rooted to firm ground, not the "grounded" Americans use to punish their older kids.

Why I'm writing all this is---well the reason is very selfish....I want to flaunt my drop-dead-gorgeous looks.....
Last weekend we'd been to Chennai and we wanted to see my friend's new-born, but we got up very late and got ready in real hurry. And coincidently I and Kabi wore red colour. I asked Kavin after leaving the house whether I look OK. Guess what he said---"Don't worry Amma, you are looking OUTSTANDING......"

It really felt great. And so as to think, it's only kids who give me compliments, I remember adults doing that very rarely.


pooja said...

Gr8! So self-flaunting.....hee-hee...but u do luk kool in photo...

Varsha Shrote said...

Thanks pooja! self-flaunting, woh toh main hoon;-)