Jul 8, 2009

Kavin's new "new-born" friend!

My friend Poorani gave birth to a healthy baby-girl yesterday.Kavin was so happy to hear the news.He said-"I thought it'll be a baby boy like Sumukh's brother. But good that it's a girl. She will be like Mini. When she grows up, I will take her to my school and drop her in the montessory class."

It was really touching. Though we haven't got to see the baby yet, Kavin is all excited about her. Hope they become good friends too (just like their mothers are!).


Meira said...

Kavin's hinting for a sibling
*wink wink*

Varsha Shrote said...

Yeah,working our way through it;-)

Nidhi said...

Hey!The photo s really cute! Is this the same baby you're talkin abt??